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Cucumber Berry (Melothria pendula) Seed Packet.


1 Seed Packet.

Also known as Mouse Melons, these adorable fruit grow on vines that resemble tiny squash vines, while the fruit look like mini watermelons and taste like a cucumber. Here in Maine they should be started indoors and set out after danger of frost, in warmer climates they can be direct sown. This species is perennial to zone 6, and marginally hardy in zone 5, but will self sow to some extent if the plants don’t survive the winter. In Maine I have never heard of this plant being invasive, but farther south (where this plant is native), it can be quite weedy, so plant with caution . One other note of caution, the ripe, solid dark green fruits are not edible! Luckily you are unlikely to make a mistake and eat a bad one as they taste awful (much like a ripe cucumber).

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