Edgewood Nursery

We are Closed for the season. Open hours will resume in the spring when the snow melts. In the mean time, there will be a slew of educational events coming up (see below) and if you see something in the online store front that you wish to pick up in person please get in touch. Winter is also a great time for landscape planning, so if you want landscape design or consultation services, please get in touch about that as well.

The summer availability list is still available for reference, click HERE to view it. Winter shipping season is here! Only plants stored in the root cellar are available and you should only order them if your soil is still plantable. Seeds for 2019 should be online around the end of November. Scion wood will be listed in January.

Our nursery specializes in unusual edible plants. Most of our offerings are not available from other local sources, and several are not available anywhere else in the country.

All of our plants are grown in living soil, without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. We prioritize using locally sourced materials and offer plants in reused pots as much as possible.

We offer plant material in different forms depending on the season and delivery method. Potted and bare-root plants are available for local customers from spring through fall. Bare-root plants are available for shipping in early spring and late fall. Seeds are available locally and through the mail year round. Scionwood and cuttings are available in winter and early spring.

Upcoming Events

 January 22: Introduction to Edible Landscaping at The Belfast Free Library

February 5: Edible Backyards at the Camden Public Library

February 20: Fermentation Fair at The Resilience Hub in Portland

February 27: Nixtamalization: Unlocking the Flavor and Nutrition of Corn at The Friend's Meeting House in Portland

March 2: Free Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop at Mt. Joy Orchard in Portland

March 13: Cannabis for the Home Gardener at The Resilience Hub in Portland, details soon.

March 16: Creating and Managing Beneficial Insect Habitat + Bee Nesting Blocks! In Newburyport, NH, Details TBA.

May 11: Public Orchard Day! Everywhere. I will be at Mt. Joy Orchard in Portland, Details TBA.