Edgewood Nursery

Regular open hours have resumed! We are open every Tuesday 9am-5pm. If you can't stop by during regular hours, please get in touch to set up a appointment. Garden tours start in May, see below for details.

Despite having plenty of winter to do it, I never got enough data entered into the online store front to make it really useful, next winter for sure. Finally got my availability list together, click HERE to view it. Bare root plants shipping through May 20th.

Our nursery specializes in unusual edible plants. Most of our offerings are not available from other local sources, and several are not available anywhere else in the country.

All of our plants are grown in living soil, without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. We prioritize using locally sourced materials and offer plants in reused pots as much as possible.

We offer plant material in different forms depending on the season and delivery method. Potted and bare-root plants are available for local customers from spring through fall. Bare-root plants are available for shipping in early spring and late fall. Seeds are available locally and through the mail year round. Scionwood and cuttings are available in winter and early spring.

Upcoming Events

May 5th: Garden and Nursery Tour 10:30 am, Nursery Open 9am-1pm

Intro to Asexual Plant Propagation at the Resilience Hub in Portland. May 22nd. 5:30pm. Click Here for Details.

May 26th: Garden and Nursery Tour 10:30 am, Nursery Open 9am-1pm

June 30th: Garden and Nursery Tour 10:30 am, Nursery Open 9am-1pm