Upcoming Events

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April 17: Intro to Perennial Veggetables at The Resilience Hub, Portland. 6:30pm, $11*

Perennial vegetables are a essential part of many permaculture systems, they will grow where annuals can't, they often produce with a minimum of inputs and they are ready for harvest at times when annuals aren't, along with a myriad of other benefits. This class will introduce 20+ species of perennial veggies that grow well in our climate, you will also go home with 3 free packets of perennial vegetable seeds to start or diversify your garden. *Reduced cost available.

April 22: Food Forest Design at Gorham Parks and Rec, Little Falls Activity Center , 6pm, $10

A food forest is a way of laying out a landscape to mimic a natural forest, providing food and other human needs with a minimum amount external inputs and maximum benefits to wildlife and the greater environment. This workshop will introduce the concepts of ecological niches, analogs, and resource partitioning so you can design your own home scale food forest. To help you implement your design we will also cover best practices for starting a food forest and recommended species to plant.

April 27: Free Bark Grafting Workshop at Harbor View Park in Portland, Details TBD

May 11: Public Orchard Day! Everywhere. I will be at Mt. Joy Orchard in Portland, Details TBA.

Public orchard day is celebration of food bearing trees in public spaces. There will be events at several local public orchards. I will be at Mt. Joy Orchard in Portland, where there will be a workparty to plant more trees, free workshops on a variety of topics, free food and other celebrations..

July 27: Tree Crops: Beyond the Apple at OakFest in Oakland, ME. 1pm. More Details TBD.