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Schisandra chinensis, Seedling of "Eastern Prince" 4-8" Bare root Plant


4-8" inch tall, 2 year old seedling. most have more then one stem and excellent root systems. These seeds came from a self-pollinated "Eastern Prince" Schisandra and are likely to carry some of that cultivar's improved traits.

Also known as Wu Wei Zi (Five Flavor Berry) and Magnolia Vine. This easy to grow woody vine has nice foliage, with pretty white flowers that turn into bright red clumps of the most flavorful fruit you have ever tasted. The flavor is nearly impossible to describe; it is complex, sour, spicy, sweet and pungent. Highly regarded adaptogen in both eastern and western herbalism. Grows well in part shade to full sun. Zone 4 Hardy. Requires 3'-15' tall trellis. Likely to fruit better with multiple seedlings around, although parent fully self fertile.

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5b Schisandra.JPG